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We have designed a small How It Works section to help answer some of the more commonly asked questions by our clients.  

What do I need in order to make my reservation?

When calling to place your reservation, please make sure that you have all of the necessary information including a date, time, pick up location destination, drop off location, flight/ship/travel information for tracking, as well as a phone number you will be traveling with.

How will I connect with my driver when I arrive at the airport or seaport?

The driver will call you at the cellular phone number you gave us when you made your reservation. It is important to remember to turn your cellular phone on as soon as possible, once you have arrived. If you do not answer the call or your phone was off during the initial contact, the driver will try several more times to contact you. You can also contact the office if you have trouble establishing contact with your driver.

What do I do if I have not heard from my driver after I have gotten my luggage?

First you can check your voice mail on the cell number you gave us for a message. He or she will continue to try to contact you at the number on your reservation until contact is made. You may also call the office at which point we would be happy to help put you in contact with your driver.

What Airports do you arrange transportation to and from?

Some of the more popular airports that we offer services to & from are Newark, JFK, LaGuardia, Westchester, Bradley, Tweed and Logan, but that does not limit us. We offer our service to all private airports as well. It does not matter whatever airport you will be arriving at or leaving from, we will be there for you.

My flight is going to be delayed what do I do?

You do not have to worry about early arrivals or delays when it comes to your flight and our chauffeurs. When you booked your reservation, we requested all of the appropriate flight information from you. We track your flight using the information you gave us when you made your reservation. Our chauffeurs continually check the status of your flight. The chauffeur will be able to adjust his arrival time accordingly to match that of the airline. This will ensure that he or she is ready to greet you at the correct time.

What happens if my flight is cancelled before leaving my home for the airport?

Check with your airline about the status of your departing flight from your home. If you have a delay or cancellation, simply give us a call and we will reschedule for you or change your pickup time. Also please see our cancellation policy.

What happens if my flight (or connection) is cancelled on my return home from my trip?

A cancelled flight does not mean a cancelled car service. We will not dismiss your car and driver until every attempt has been made to contact you. We know most clients try to make alternate arrangements right away and sometimes come in on other airlines just minutes after they were originally scheduled.

A cancelled flight does not mean a cancelled car service. You must contact us to cancel or reschedule. We make every attempt to contact you if your flight if cancelled by your airline.

If your flight is cancelled and we are unable to establish contact, we will be forced to bill at the full cost of the trip.


Do I need a credit card to make a reservation?

Yes, a valid credit card is needed to hold your reservation. You will not be charged for services until the day of travel. A one way service will result in a single charge to the credit card. A round trip service will result in two charges; one for each way.

If a person is paying for a passenger using a credit card and is not traveling with the passenger, we may require more information from the person booking the trip and require the passenger to show a valid ID. This precautionary step helps to protect our clients from fraudulent activities.

My Credit Card was billed for more than my original estimate, why?

This is a very unusual occurrence, but it does happen from time to time. The quotes given to our clients are based on information given to the office personal at time of booking. If additional services are provided or added to your trip then additional fees may be added to the original estimate. This is why we ask for any and all stops or destinations that you may wish to visit when you book your trip. This helps to minimize the chance of additional fees. We understand that occasionally our clients will get the urge to make an unexpected stop or trip. While these events may incur additional charges, our drivers will happily accommodate these requests.

What are my billing and payment options?

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Cash, & Checks from local banks. We do still need a credit card to reserve your vehicle even if you intend to pay cash or check for the rendered services.

What about child restraint Seats?

You may bring your own child car seat on your trip, and we can bring it back for your return when we pick you up. We can provide car seats but these seats are based on the type required and availability. We do not provide infant car seats.

All car seats installed into the vehicle are the responsibility of the parent/guardians. This is done simply because our drivers cannot be familiar with every brand of car seat and also to help prevent any damage to your car seat or the vehicle. So the parent or guardian will have to install/instruct the driver on installation of the car seat.

What about any damage to vehicles?

Anything past normal wear and tear will be the responsibly of the client. We are meticulous about the appearance and quality of our vehicles. All of the vehicles are inspected before and after every trip, so you will never have to worry about being held liable for any damage that was done by previous clients.

Why do I need to know how much luggage I will be bringing?

We ask that all of our clients have an accurate count in regards to the amount of luggage they will be bringing. This is a very important part of your trip. If you have more luggage than the capacity of the vehicle, your trip may become delayed while you wait for a larger vehicle or secondary car to arrive to assist with the luggage. We will not allow any luggage within the passenger area of the vehicle. Small hand bags and backpacks may be acceptable, but absolutely no luggage will be permitted within the vehicle cabin. This is why selecting the correct vehicle is also important.

How do to determine the appropriate pickup time?

Pickup times made by Applewood staff are recommendations—times are ultimately up to client. Times chosen should build in extra time for security check points at airports, airline, airport, method of checking in, time of day, weather conditions, any stops you may need to make along the way.  Taking all of these into consideration may help you choose your pickup time.  Applewood is in no way responsible for any delays that arise out of any unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstance and cannot be held responsible for weather, construction, mechanical problems, or traffic that may arise.

What about behavioral or conduct issues?

Our drivers are always professional, helpful, respectful and knowledgable. In the unlikely event that you are experiencing any type of unpleasant conduct or behavior with your driver you can contact the management office to voice your opinion, and we will attempt to remedy the situation. This however, is a two way street. Our drivers will NOT be mistreated or verbally or physically abused for any reason. We provide our clients with a polite, respectful, professional service and expect the same in return from our clients. At any point in time during your trip, if your driver feels that you are breaking any of these rules or feels threatened in anyway, he can contact the management offices and gain permission to terminate your trip.